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So, uh, I don't suppose washing machines are... water proof? H-Honestly, I have NO idea what the hell happen! I just put... and... It just... EXPLODED with suds.


This... TH-THIS ISN'T MY FAULT, DAMMIT. I c-can do laundry just fine! The machines here are just broke!

I'm so not cleaning that up.



Y-you did this, didn't you?!
I did no such thing. Sounds like you either overloaded the washer or put in too much soap. Probably both.
I did NOT. It's not my fault! I just put in what dirty clothes I had, nothing was hanging out or anything, I just smushed a bit and it fit perfectly fine.

Someone must have broke it before me -- once I started, it was shaking and making this horrible noise!

Stupid machines...

Yeah, you overloaded it. Not your fault though. I don't recall the instructions saying how much to put in. Next time, put about half that amount in for a load.
This is the lamest machine ever...


Who even said there was going to be a next time?!
How is it my fault?

So you don't want to get it right?
You were the one saying that I should! Now all of my laundry is wet and suddy!

N-not really...
Look, I can come show you how it's done. It's easier once you've seen someone do it.
... does it still work? It was spewing suds alot.
We can take everything a floor up and use a machine up thre.
Think anyone will care if I leave the suds? This place does have a cleaning staff, right?
I'll give the custodial staff a call so they know there's a mess.
Great! That's one less thing I have to worry about...

NOW HURRY UP. This is your fault -- I'm wet and suddy! It's gross!
Yeah yeah, be there in a few minutes.

[ooc: right after he's had himself a good chuckle]
I HAVE SUDS IN MY HAIR. Those few minutes better be short!

[ooc: For the record, Luke has no intention of letting Suzaku escape unsudded.]
It's soap. Just take a shower when this is all done.

[ooc: XD Excellent.]
It's soap in my hair until you're here and we fix the clothes.

[ooc: Hmmm. Log or no log... or?!]

What the hell is your name?!
I suppose this is a bad time to introduce myself...
Y-yeah, just a bit.

WELL. It's being fixed, actually. So, I guess you can.

While I wait here with suds in my hair.
I apologize. I don't believe I've met you before. My name is Arturo Plateado, and you would be...?

I hope it gets fixed soon. Standing there covered in soap doesn't sound enjoyable.
Luke fon Fabre. I've only been here a few quiet days -- I was starting to think I was one of the only people here.

It better be fixed soon! It's seriously lame staying in these clothes.
That's how I felt my first few days here as well. Pleased to meet you.

I'm sure it'll be over shortly.
Nice to meet you too, I guess. Tell me it does get better, right?

That would be great.
Well, yes, it definitely does get better. Except from the fact that some anonymous person has decided to spread a rumour that I am, in fact, female.
Someone told me about the rumor mill...

But, why?

I mean, unless, you know, you really are...?
It's foolish, to say the least. I have absolutely no idea why.

I'm not! I'm male. I really can't see how that got started...
You probably used too much soap. It expands with the water.
Ugh, you're saying the same thing he said! What a pain...
Because it's true. I'm sure you're not the only one who's over done it with the soap.
Yeah, yeah, well, why don't they make it more obvious how much we're supposed to us, hm?

... at least you're not as obnoxious as he is.
There aren't directions on your soap box?

... I don't know. Are there?

Try looking at the side. There should be a chart with ratios of clothes to soap.

He's harassing you about the laundry, I take it? Look, if you're really having that much trouble, I can come help you, I'm not very busy.
Well... No one said anything about that! How was I supposed to know it was there?!

This entire thing is his fault, he wouldn't just let me have someone else do the laundry for me.

Anyway, he's coming to fix it. Serves him right!
Ah. Well, it should be clear now.

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