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What the hell...

This place just keeps getting worse. I haven’t even unpacked my bags which I shouldn't even have to do and I’m hearing about this everywhere – Fitness Week. I just came half away across the world to be informed of fitness, riiight. The activities aren’t even exciting.. not even a hope of any swordplay... Why is cooking even on here? Can't we just have the servants do that?

How completely lame.


If you're interested in swordplay I know there are a number of students that study it, though some are probably still home for the summer.

Fitness Week is a wonderful idea really. If we don't pay attention to our health when we're young we'll simply compound any problems when we're older.

And cooking is on there because some students like to cook. I'm sure the kitchen staff will enjoy the brief break.
Argh, home is the last place I want to be. I just hope they get back here soon before I die of boredom.

Yeah, yeah, look, I'm fifteen. I'm the very image of fit. I don't need all of their lectures.

Cooking is their job, I'm not doing it.
I've yet to hear of anyone that's died of boredom.

You never know, you could hear something useful.

No one said you had to. It's by volunteer.
Yeah, well, I might be the first.

Hardly. I'm quite fine how I am. When I'm sick or something, then they can tell me what to do.

Thankfully! I'm not doing any of that.
People aren't here to entertain you, you know.

And what if you could learn something that would prevent you from being sick?

Cooking? What's wrong with cooking?
Well... someone's got to be doing something entertaining around here.

I doubt that'd happen. If they thought anything really important would be learned, it'd be mandatory.

I'm the only heir to House Fabre. I don't need to cook!
Ever hear of entertaining yourself?

As this is the summer break nothing is mandatory. People have jobs. It would be unfair to them to schedule something when they have to work.

Having an opinion like that will land you in trouble some day.
Yeah, I've been doing it for five years. It hasn't worked out so great.

Jobs? This is a school, though... Aren't all the students eighteen and under?

Then don't be so quick to sneer on Fitness Week, which gives you an opportunity to interact with the other students.

Places will hire as young as fifteen or sixteen depending. Most probably just work party time, but some work full time during the summer.
Sure, I don't want to be bored... but I don't exactly want to be running around in the mud and listening to lectures either.

I didn't figure that any of the students here would be poor enough to need to do something like that!
For all we know it might not be muddy that week. And basketball is played indoors or on the blacktop anyway, so that's at least one game that wouldn't be muddy.

This isn't a school for rich kids, though we certainly have a number of them. And then there are those of us that don't want to use our family's money.
I've never played any sports in my life, I'm not about to start now.

Well that's just stupid. If your parents have the money, why not use it!
So what do you usually do for fun?

Because I'd rather not ask for it.
I practice my sword skills!

OH... I didn't think you were, ah... Why not?
Sports aren't just games. There's skill that goes into them too. Speed, agility, accuracy, strategy. Things that can be applied to sword fighting.

It's just easier that way.

August 2008

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