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"Suzaku's planning to seduce Luke. The washing machine incident was just an excuse to get Luke wet and slippery." 


If I find out who started the rumor... ugh.

For starters, if no one noticed, WE'RE BOTH BOYS. No seducing happening.

Meillure Academy, please, please, stop being stupid.

By the way, before anyone asks, I need no power to break the ipod of anyone that bothers me.


Believe me, that was moderately tame for them. There have been conversations in the rumor mill... never mind.

So, what is your power?
THAT is tame. HOW? Better yet. WHY.

Well... I don't exactly know. But I can break things fucking fine without any power.
They were insinuating about something in the future and not saying something had already happened.

I see. You'll figure it out sooner or later. It'd be impossible not to with the way the school is. Yeah, I noticed.

[xD; strike illegible]
I don't care! They were guessing completely wrong UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT TELLING ME. Ew.

You know. Why are you so all knowing?

I'm not really worried about it. Though I'm sure knowing it could possibly be some fun.

[ You have no idea how lucky Suzaku is that it's striked out. xD So many fits would have been thrown. ]
Tch, not hardly. I have a girlfriend.

I've been a here a little over a year. Has anyone told you about the... weirdness of the school at all?

[xD hehe he figured]
You have a girlfriend? Somehow, that's surprising.

Remus kinda mentioned it... I didn't really believe him. He mentioned gender switching, turning into animals, and falling in love with people you've never even met... and..

Tell me it isn't true.
In what way is that surprising?

... Unfortunately, it's all true.
In the way that I can't imagine you with someone.

...this place sucks.
... You wouldn't be the first one. A girlfriend I have nonetheless.

It's not all bad. Some of the weird stuff is kind of fun.
Do I know her? Who is it?

... I don't want to be a girl. I don't want to be an animal. I certainly don't want to fall in love with anyone.

I am failing to see the fun.
Seen a girl with long pink hair around? That's Euphie.

I wasn't talking about those. Er, well, there was this one time a big rolling ball of stuff made its way through the school picking up everyone and everything in it's path... er...
Pink hair and named Euphie... I was not expecting that. Are you sure she's not secretly a bookworm?

That would only be fun if I was out of the way and could just watch. Then I could enjoy it.
Er, I suppose she enjoys reading, but I wouldn't say she's a bookworm.

Ah, well, it was kind of funny when it was all over and the bruises healed.
She kinda seems like the opposite of you.

I guess... This school should really just be labeled a hazard zone, it sounds like.
She kind of is.

I wouldn't argue that.

August 2008

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