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What the hell...

This place just keeps getting worse. I haven’t even unpacked my bags which I shouldn't even have to do and I’m hearing about this everywhere – Fitness Week. I just came half away across the world to be informed of fitness, riiight. The activities aren’t even exciting.. not even a hope of any swordplay... Why is cooking even on here? Can't we just have the servants do that?

How completely lame.


Sports aren't just games. There's skill that goes into them too. Speed, agility, accuracy, strategy. Things that can be applied to sword fighting.

It's just easier that way.
Maybe so... but I don't even know how to play any of these, so it's no point trying to convince me.

What? I don't see how working all summer is easier!
We have a lot of foreign students here, so we don't expect everyone to know all the sports. I didn't know half of them when I started going to school here.

Well, for one I don't have to wait for my letter to get home and the money to be sent to me. And for another, I don't have to tell them what I spend my money on. Not that I buy anything inappropriate. They just wouldn't agree with what I buy.
What's the point of playing if you're just going to be a burden to the team?

Huh... well, I guess. It seems a little extreme.
Because it's still supposed to be for fun. Everyone starts somewhere. People aren't born knowing how to do everything.

Being rich isn't the answer to everything. There are things being rich can't get you.

August 2008

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