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What the hell...

This place just keeps getting worse. I haven’t even unpacked my bags which I shouldn't even have to do and I’m hearing about this everywhere – Fitness Week. I just came half away across the world to be informed of fitness, riiight. The activities aren’t even exciting.. not even a hope of any swordplay... Why is cooking even on here? Can't we just have the servants do that?

How completely lame.


Not like classes are going to be thrilling, either, I'm sure.

Hmph. It just sounds like this school is short on servants to me. What the hell am I supposed to do with my dirty clothes?
Actually, the teachers here are quite good.

You wash them. There's a laundry room on each floor of the dorms. There's dispensers for soap and dryer sheets and directions if you've never done laundry before.
Maybe there's that, but it doesn't matter if the subject is boring.

... are you kidding me?! They can't really be expecting me to keep up with this all by myself? What kind of hell hole is this...

Ugh, I'm sending a letter to Father.
So take classes that interest you. Even though some are required there's still room to take classes you want to take.

Tch, pay someone else to do your laundry if it so pleases you. But students do their own laundry here. Doesn't matter if they're a princess or a commoner.
Ah... I guess that would make things a bit better. If there are any interesting classes...

TCH? What do you mean 'tch'?! Isn't it degrading to be having to do your own laundry?

I don't care if I have to do this... pay thing... but I'm not doing my own laundry. There's entirely too much!
It's is degrading not knowing how to do something for yourself? How do you know if your laundry's been done properly if you don't know how to do it?
Sh-shut up! I bet you, I can do laundry just fine! If it were a difficult task, they wouldn't be leaving it to kids, afterall. It's just time consuming!
That's why you bring stuff to do while you wait for the cycles to finish. Homework, a book to read, handheld video games.
Ugh, doesn't that just sound thrilling... how lame. I'll do my own laundry, then. You'll see that I can do it just fine!
I look forward to it.

[ooc: xD and Suzaku sits back and grins smugly to himself]
Yeah, well... You better!

[ooc: And Luke stomps away in a pouty huff, slamming doors along the way. xD;]

August 2008

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