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What the hell...

This place just keeps getting worse. I haven’t even unpacked my bags which I shouldn't even have to do and I’m hearing about this everywhere – Fitness Week. I just came half away across the world to be informed of fitness, riiight. The activities aren’t even exciting.. not even a hope of any swordplay... Why is cooking even on here? Can't we just have the servants do that?

How completely lame.


Well, there aren't really servants, but I don't think you have to participate in the fitness week, but it gets you credit or something.

I'm Trucy Wright, 4th year Giallo! It's, um, very nice to meet you?
... there aren't servants? What kind of a place is this? Well, I'm sure as hell not participating, credits or not.

Luke fon Fabre. Ah... Rouge, I think. Whatever. It's a nice to meet you too, I guess.
It's a school. =O

Fon Fabre? That's really cool. Ooh, a rouge. Is your power fire based?
Yeah, well... shouldn't they have things like servants around here then? They can't expect us to do everything.

Ah... maybe? Hell if I know.
Well, it's a school, you're here to learn!

Well, that's okay. I'm a magician!
Yeah, so? I can't be expected to do everything.

Now that's cool. What can you do?
Well, we are.

I can do all sorts of tricks! My daddy was a magician too, a really famous one, part of the Troupe Gramarye, with my mom and Uncle Valant. My favorite trick is Mr. Hat!
Obviously, that's some kind of mistake for me.

Famous magician, huh... So what's this Mr. Hat thing?
Well, I can help you out, if you can help me with turning on stoves, I mean, you're a rouge, you can handle that, right?

Yup! Well, it's easier to show than to tell. If you come to my dorm [insert location here], I'll show him to you, and give you chocolate pudding, even!
... stoves? Why would I need to be turning one on?

Chocolate pudding and a magic show... I might can manage that.
Well, I like cooking but I'm kind of afraid of them.

Alright! Great! I'll see you really soon then?
Huh... I guess I can turn one on.

Yeah, yeah, I'll be over in a second.
Alright, great!

Alright, wonderful! I'll see you soon.

August 2008

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