Remember me for who I was...

...not what I've become.

Luke fon Fabre
Luke fon Fabre

Age: 15
Year: 4th
Birthday: September 13th
House: Rouge

Sexuality: The very question would seem quite absurd. It's not something he's ever put thought into, likely something he'd never even considered in having options.

Power: Hyperresonance. It’s a rare occurrence that can come as either a miracle or a disaster, but Luke is unaware that he even has such a power. It is said that a hyperresonance is an interference phenomenon that is capable of destroying the surrounding matter. As it stands, with no knowledge of it and no ability to control it, a hyperresonance is unlikely to happen, particularly one of any even quasi-large caliber.

History: Luke fon Fabre was born the only son of the wealthy and noble Fabre family. Quite unfortunately, he can’t tell you a single thing about the first ten years of his life – nothing he remembers, anyway. At the tender age of ten, Luke was kidnapped, spirited away without a trace and he was returned, as well, still with no hints of the criminal. It would have been an absolute miracle, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Luke was returned without a single memory of his life. He couldn’t speak, walk, think, and ever since he’s been having weird headaches... he was just a blank sheet of paper.

Traumatized, the doctors said. The very place his parents sought for answers... left them terrified for what would become their son. From that day forward, young Luke wasn’t allowed to leave the manor anymore. He grew up again, learned the faces and names of his parents, but it did nothing for figuring who he was, who the voice in his head was. As soon as he could write again, the doctors had him take to keeping a diary so just in case he ever forgot his life again, he’d have it written down.

Not that there was anything to forget.

It was boring. The most excitement of his days, were the few days he could get in a little sword practice. It was by chance he heard one of the maids talking about this academy, gossiping away about it. It was his chance, his only hope at any sort of freedom. Under the guise of a new… scholarly interest, he went to his parents about it. And, well... honestly, once Luke has decided what he wants and has a few ‘logical’ reasons to go with, there’s really no denying him. Though he worried his already frail mother sick with the matter, he ended up getting placed into Meillure Academy.

Personality: Honestly, Luke’s a good kid. It takes a certain amount of patience and you’ve got to be looking forward it, but it’s certainly there... Unfortunately, the vast majority of the time, he comes off as a spoiled brat and that isn’t far from the truth. He’s lived an absolutely sheltered life in riches, doing little to nothing day in and day out... with that kind of history you can’t be hoping for too much.

Naivety is one of his specialties, followed up only by certain obliviousness to everything in the world. Almost everything is a new experience to him – naturally, he’s more than a fair amount curious. For all of his rich arrogance, Luke tries to keep up with the people around him, to make sure he doesn’t become a burden, though on some occasions he ignorantly does just that without realizing it. He’s selfish and attention starved more than you could ever believe – likely the results of a mother that was entirely too doting and a father who ignored his existence.

When it all ends, he doesn’t want to be alone. He doesn’t want to be back in the manor, despite what he may claim. More importantly, he wants to be something.

Diary Friends Academy Logs Credit
being spoiled, eavesdropping, having cool outfits, leaving the manor, not doing work, sword training